Query.ParamByName('Foo').AsMemo ?

Hi folks,

I've been trying in vain to solve following problem:

I want to assign a string-list to a SQL-statement
in order to update a Table on a remote Database. I thought
that if statement A will work fine,

Statement A:

Query1.SQL : 'select TMKURZ, TMLANG from TERMIN'

My_DM.Query1.FieldByName('TMKURZ').AsString := tmpTmkurz;

then Statement B could also be solved in a similar manner:

Statement B:

Query2.SQL : 'update TERMIN set TMLANG=:TMLANG where TMNR=:TMNR'

My_DM.Query2.ParamByName('TMKURZ').AsString := tmpTmkurz;

Of course,
Query2.ParamByName('TMLANG').Assign... will not work because it
is defined for TFields (such as TMemoField) but not for (TMemo).

I even tried:
TBlobStream.WriteTostream... but it too expects a TMemoField.

So, is there another posibility to assign the Lines (TSringList)
property to such a parameter?

Thanks for your help!