Well, you have to have a second datasource to fill the list
part of the DBCombo.  Put another TQuery/TTable on the form
to point to the field for the list of choices for the combo.
Put this in the Lookup Source and Lookup Field.  If you want
another field to show (say you were putting a number in as the
value, but, wanted a name to show) put that field into the
display field property.  With a DBComboLookup, you have to have
2 datasources, one for the target, one for the list of choice.
You can't use the same TTable or you will get a 'Circular
Reference' error.


>Making the transition into Delphi 1.0 and have not been able to
>iron out a problem with DBComboBox.

> I connected a TTable to a Paradox file, TDatasource, and a
>DBComboBox to the TDatasource. The field on the combobox displays
>the first record in the table but when I click the dropdown, all
>I get is one blank field instead of a list. Also tried SQL with
>"distinct" and got the same results. I did connect a DBGrid
>in parallel with the DBComboBox and it shows the data correctly.