Video Streaming over the internet with Delphi

I want to be able to stream video over the internet, similar to
netmeeting (i want to keep this private as it will be used for
business purposes so dont want to use any of the commercially
available tools).

I've scoured the internet but am unable to find a component at a
reasonable price that allows me to do this.  There is one available
called "mmtools", but it costs $280, far too expensive, considering
the quality of the website, the fact that there is no help file and
very little documentation, and no support.

There are other components (TVideo 2.3 by J. Huebler for one) but
there is no example code on how to stream across the net. I emailed
the author 4 days ago, but as yet am still waiting for an answer.

Does anyone have any example code that i could use to try to achieve
my aims ?.

All help would be greatly appreciated.