Adding List Items From Database Fields

On Mon, 17 May 1999 13:29:57 +0100, "Neil Trigger" <>

>Hi there everyone. I'm in a bit of a spot.
>I have made a database, that's fine...
>I can access the first post (or the active one) in a selected field, but I
>can't access the whole field at once.

>I've included a screen shot to show you basically what I mean.

>What I need to do is take all the information from one column and put it all
>in one list box on the main form.
>I have added more items to the list in the screen shot to help explain.
>Is there a way to add the whole lot?
>Do I need to use loops and if so how would that work? (the syntax)

To add the value of a field for all records in the table, you would need a
loop. The loop would be predicated on the Eof property of the dataset
component (TTable, TQuery, etc.). To ensure that the record pointer starts
in the right place, call the First method prior to the loop. The Next
method moves the record pointer to the next record. Call Next once per
iteration of the loop.

At each record in the table, use a TField reference to access the field.
Get this reference using either the Fields property or the FieldByName
method. Use the TField.AsString property to copy the data out of the field
as a String.

For each field value copied, call the TListBox.Items.Add method to add that
value to the TListBox component's list. If desired, before starting the
copy you can clear the TListBox of all current contents using the
TListBox.Items.Clear method.

    while not Table1.Eof do begin

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