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Importing ActiveX controls

I have an ActiveX control that has been tested with VB and VC++.  For these
2 languages, the ActiveX type library imports seamlessly.  When I attempt to
import this ActiveX control into Delphi, It doesn't get all of the types
right.  Some of the properties are not assigned to the correct data type,
instead they get assigned as IDispatch type.  The problem is that they do
not work correctly with this declaration.  Is there any kind of work around
for this import problem.  Is this a Delphi problem? (sounds like it, since 2
other tools do it correctly).  Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Re:Importing ActiveX controls

See this article, it's very helpful

Re:Importing ActiveX controls

Thank you -- I might be able to apply the first example to my problem, in
the meanwhile, I think that I have found a pattern to the problem.

Evgeny Kleiman wrote in message <01beb1ae$1b1465a0$8a9d74c0@evgeny>...
>See this article, it's very helpful

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