Printer.printers not initialised on some machines!

I have come across a peculiar 'bug'. My Delphi 3 application has empty
printer.printers on some machines. This has happened only with one
so far, but seems alarming. The machine this happened on was:
    Microsoft Windows 95
    version 4.00.950
    Compaq DeskPro with 16 Mb of memory.
  The machine had only network printers (8-10 of them) but adding a
'dummy' printer didn't seem to help. I also created an application that
showed printer.printers on a memo at formshow - and nothing else.
Even this application failed to show any printers on this machine. The
customer had other similar machined in the office and they also had
this 'curious' bug.
  Has anyone come across this problem before? If so, is what's the
solution ?

Mika Veikkolainen