*** FREE *** Delphi client/server tools

In late 1995, one of our programmers decided he wanted to enhance the
Delphi 1.0 development
environment to make it easier to create multi-user client/server
applications that updated
xBase and Paradox files, not just SQL databases, while supporting file and
record locking.

The product was developed, and a small quantity was distributed on CD-ROM,
but it was never
actually announced or sold.  The product has now been publicly posted at

ftp://ftp.scruz.net/users/semaphor/public/CSTOOLS  (the upper-case CSTOOLS
is significant)

This "Client/Server Toolkit" may be freely used and distributed to anyone
in any form, as long
as any distribution includes all the files and their complete original
contents.  Sorry, support
for this product is not available.

The Toolkit is software that transforms Borland's single-user Delphi 1.0
development environment
into a multi-user client/server development system.  With the
Client/Server Toolkit, you can:

*  Create and deploy multi-user client/server applications without having
to purchase Borland's
   expensive client/server version of Delphi.

*  Turn single-user applications into multi-user client/server
applications simply by
   recompiling, without any source code changes.

*  Create multi-user applications for xBase and Paradox databases, not
just SQL servers,
   including client/server file and record locking.

*  Create self-contained, fully database-aware client applications that
don't require a local
   copy of a database engine, thereby minimizing client machine resource

*  Inexpensively and independently develop and test multi-user
applications without risking
   damage to on-line production databases.

*  Make Borland's single-user redistributable Database Engine
simultaneously support any number
   of concurrent local or remote users.

*  Create and test multi-user applications on single-user or multi-user systems.

*  Turn the Delphi Integrated Development Environment into a fully
server-compatible client,
   including the use of active, server-connected multi-user database-aware
components and
   controls at design time.

*  Monitor multi-user database clients in real-time using a simple
point-and-click server

*  Instantly "toggle" the Delphi compiler so it generates either standard
   applications or multi-user client/server applications.

The binary files you'll find at
ftp://ftp.scruz.net/users/semaphor/public/CSTOOLS are:

DB.DCU - a replacement for Delphi's DB.DCU
DBTABLES.DCU - a replacement for Delphi's DBTABLES.DCU
DBXPROCS.DCU - a BDE-less replacement for Delphi's DBIPROCS.DCU
DBXPROCS.INT - the DBXPROCS interface (text)
DEMOS/ANIMALS.EXE - standard, unchanged demo recompiled to use OMPHALOS
instead of the BDE
DEMOS/FISHFACT.EXE - standard, unchanged demo recompiled to use OMPHALOS
instead of the BDE
DEMOS/LOCKDEMO/CHECK.PAS - locking demo source code
DEMOS/LOCKDEMO/LOCKDEMO.* - Delphi project files for file and record
locking demo
DEMOS/LOCKDEMO/MAIN.DFM - locking demo form
DEMOS/LOCKDEMO/MAIN.PAS - locking demo source code
HELP.WRI - complete documentation (a Write file)
INSTALL.EXE - optional installer to put files in their proper place
OMPHALOS.EXE - the multi-user server; run this program, then run the demos
README.TXT - this file
TOGGLE.EXE - convenient compiler configurer


Semaphore Corporation