HELP - Need help on TDBLookUpList

I am a newbie with Delphi, and have been working on project. I have
run into a problem on a TDBLookUpList, and I can't find the answer in
any of my books.

The problem is this: I have a TDBLookUpList with a list (FullName)
from a calculated field (LastName + FirstName).  Then when I select a
name, their phone number shows up in a dbEdit Box. Everything works -
when I have more than seven names in a list, the scroll bar appears.
The problem I am having is that I want the selected name and record to
remain selected until I select another one. When I move the scroll bar
to move the list, it either goes to the first record or the last
record, depending on whether I move the scroll bar up or down. The
selected name in the list remains the same, but the record moves to

In trying to find the answer, I found that the moving the scroll bar
is an onclick event. Is this doing it?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Fred Schuchart