Using Word 97 From Delphi For Labels

I want to use Word 97 to print labels from a delphi 3 database

Could someone help me by:

1. Describing the strategy as in:
   a. What type of file should I be generating with the address info.  I
have no idea what to call it, what its format should be, etc.  Is there
a way of using the address book that is referenced in Word?

   b. What action should I call.  I would like to display for my users a
list of label options such as standard Avery Laser labels.  Is there a
way of passing word which label it is and then calling a word method
that will just generate the labels?

   c. If I want to allow my users to utilize Word's options for
configuring mailing labels, what method would I use in the Word com

I think I understand the basic idea of access the Microsoft Office since
I am able to utilize Excel 97.  That is a lot easier can basically I am
just opening a workbook and filling cells.

Any help would be appreciated.