Excel Deletes


Can anyone helop me with this one while I've still got some hair

I'm using Delphi 5 to read data from a series of identically formatted
Excel spreadsheets using ADO.  The data lines in the spreadsheets are
preceded by a series of header lines.  Unfortunately, this messes up the
data if I simplyconnect to the spreadsheet.

I know how many header lines will exist, so either deleting them, or
reading from the first data line would work.

The connection to Excel claims that it will not allow deletions, and I
cannot figure out a way to read from a defined row number.  Does anyone
have any idea how it might be possible to achieve that result?

Unfortunately, I can't make any changes to the format of spreadsheet the
application is going to receive, although I can copy them and make any
changes to the copies.