Invalid RTL70.BPL Was Not Found Message

2005-03-08 11:41:01 AM
From time to time I get this error when building my application. Any
idea what can cause this? Usually I perform a few more rebuilds without
changing any settings and it works fine after that. It seems like
Delphi 7 just gets confused about the project options because I _NEVER_
build with "Build with runtime packages" checked. So it can not be that.
One thing that I thought it may be is that I build on a different
machine to the system where I do most of my coding and the paths are
different on the two different systems. Delphi is on drive C: on the
build machine but on drive D: for my other system. I wonder if that can
cause a problem? Has anyone else seen this behavior before?
I find this issue a bit annoying but at least I know how to work around
it- when I do a test deploy and it doesn't work then I just go back to
Delphi and re-build. I repeat this until the error goes away. Not nice
but at least it works (eventually).