ClientDataSet "Missing data provider" error

2008-02-07 08:20:07 PM
I've put a ClientDataSet on my form in anticipation of using it as an
in-memory dataset. I have set up all of its fields, indexes, events and
links to components. However if I try to open it (either during
design or at runtime), I get a "Missing data provider" error.
I see from other postings that this error is generated when the file-
name has not been specified. But because this is an in-memory
dataset, there won't be a file-name.
As a workaround, I now create a second dataset in code, and copy its
fields, indexes and events from those designed into the dataset on the
form. If I debug the code after the second dataset has been create
and opened, I see that its file-name is nul, so it is obviously getting
past the error-trap that catches the dataset on the form.
Is there a better solution or is this actually a bug that I should
report to Quality Central ?