Re: MI5 Persecution: BBC Newscasters Spying on my Home (13095)

2007-11-25 04:56:36 AM
MI5 Persecution Update: Friday 13 November, 1998

If You Intend To Reply, Please Read This

If you have any questions or observations you would like to share with me,
then you are very welcome to reply to my fax number 0171-681-1190. But
please.... keep your response to one page if you can! I have had several
people faxing my article back to me, including one MP faxing back twenty
pages. I do not know if he had anything intelligent to say in his 20-page
fax because I applied judicious use of the "Delete" key on my
computer. Faxes over a page or two will be deleted without being read.

MI5 Resume Hostilities in Response to these Faxes

When I wrote last weeks "MI5 Persecution Update" I remarked how quiet my
life had become. No longer! MI5 have restarted hostilities with a
vengeance the past week, in response I believe to the faxes I have been
sending to members of the House of Commons.
If you faxed me one of your 20-goddamn-page tinfoil hat manifestos, I
would fax you back a 200-page manifesto of my own. Did it occur to you
that an average person doesn't like his paper wasted on junk faxes?
Your MP overlords are even less amused, though I doubt any of them
sicced the MI5 on you. Like American congressional representatives,
they don't waste their valuable time reading or responding to letters
from constituents, so it is their staff members who are entertaining
themselves by engaging in a fax-off with a kook.
If the MI5 was really after you, you'd already have had an "anti-social
behaviour" decree issued against you by some cranky old judge in a faggy
powdered wig and he'd have tossed you in a mental asylum along with all
the fat slobs the NHS locks up to save money on obesity-related health
care costs.