Re: ????No Parent Object error

2003-07-12 12:04:06 PM
Brian Vogt writes:

It has one pagecontrol with another page control on each page, each
with several of it is own pages. It is a database application. I
have tried twice to do this, and usually around the time I'm
connecting all the components to datasources, etc, I get this problem:

It crashes on exit with the following message "Exception
EInvalidOperation in module [my exename] at 0004c25c. Control
Pagecontrol2 has no parent Window."

I have looked up the page control problem online and haven't really
found anything that worked to correct it. I have tried a couple of
ways of simply assigning the pagecontrol to a parent object, and at
minimum, the solutions have only worked for one or two runs in the
IDE. Then back to the same problem.
This is not a database question and should be posted in
borland.public.delphi.vcl.components.using. When you post there, explain any
other detail about what you are doing in code with regard to parent
objects - you should never have to touch this in code if you are placing
these at design time.
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