Appointment calendar

Hi there,

I need to create an appointment system using Delphi 3 Prof. Being new to

Delphi, I'm having a great struggle.
Initially, all people on a database are sent an invitation letter asking

them to come in for a check-up. An appointment time is, thus, randomly
allocated to each person. For those people who respond, obviously, there

will be people who can not come in on the allotted time and would like
call in to change the appoinment time. This is where my problem lies.
they call in, there will be a clerk sitting at the computer, checking
appointment system to see whether there are days and times available for

the change. The clerk should be able to browse through each month
calendar(the system is required only for one year), click on any
day, and have all the times, whether booked or unbooked, on screen. The
clerk should then first delete the current appointment time and then go
the required calendar, pick a suitable day and tick the right time. This

new change automatically updates the existing database, so that a new
letter with a new appointment time can be sent to the concerned

I think I need to create a TSampleCalendar suited to my needs and then
connect it to the database somehow. But as I'm such a novice to Delphi,
don't know where to start. Could someone give me a few clues please? Any

codes and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.