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ANN: ChimneySweep moves to drastically reduce your Paradox/BDE support costs

Scottsdale, Arizona

Sundial Services announced today several new programs designed to
promote the use of its flagship ChimneySweep? product to software
manufacturers and consultants who use, or who support, software systems
based on Paradox/BDE databases.

As described on the company's website,
(which is being updated -while- this release is being shipped...) the
company is introducing:

   ->  Several low-cost pricing options for ChimneySweep Runtime.

   ->  An UNLIMITED DISTRIBUTION OPTION aimed at software manufacturers.

Introduced in 1996, ChimneySweep is a comprehensive, script-based
solution to thorny problems faced by developers publishing systems based
on Paradox, Delphi, C++Builder, and similar systems.  The only product
of its kind, ChimneySweep can quickly and effortlessly repair common
database problems which cause applications to be completely inoperative,
and can do it with no more than a double-click of the mouse.
Furthermore, the product can be safely used by uneducated end-users,
requires no modification to applications, and allows programmers to keep
critical password-information secret.  Because it is programmable, it is
completely adaptable to many situations ... from being "dropped in"
beside a problematic application (requiring no changes to it), to being
seamlessly integrated *into* an application.

The product has also raised many eyebrows, also, by being more than 100
times faster than all competing products!  "In one of our first tests,"
the founder explained, "TUTILITY ran for four{*word*249} hours on a 80-megabyte
table, then crashed and died without finishing the job.  ChimneySweep
did the same job in 9 minutes.  And this was on a 486-33!"

These new marketing programs are specifically designed "to bring
on-board the independent computer consultant, who can distribute runtime
copies for less than $20 apiece, and the software manufacturer, who can
now distribute a comprehensive solution to his most expensive problem
for much less than the cost of a single service call."

The company has already generated considerable sales success in both of
these areas, but expects the new programs "to finally give our customers
what they have made it clear to us they really need the most."


Founded in 1992, Sundial Services provides Paradox database services and
products to a worldwide marketplace.  The company is privately held.

For information contact:  (480) 946-8259,
or e-mail:


Re:ANN: ChimneySweep moves to drastically reduce your Paradox/BDE support costs

Sundial Services wrote:

> Scottsdale, Arizona

These spams, sent to several newsgroups, are against the netiquette. Even
though you have a good and noble purpose, to sell your products, it's
still not allowed.

And they also make an _amateurish_ impression. You have two separate
spam lists, and two newsgroups are listed on both of them, affecting
stupid looking double spams on those newsgroups.

Sorry for the hard words. But I believe you promised earlier this year
that you would not spam any more.

If something is allowed for someone, then it should be allowed for anyone.
And that mass definietly would block the newsgroups.

Markku Nevalainen

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