PlEeEeEzZzZz ! TListView Problem !


I have a little TListview problem :

I have a TListView and I to do the following:

When the user press a key, I edit the current selected item BUT
I want to replace the key while the item IS editing. Not clear ?

I give an example:

The current selected item is 'OLE' and the user press on the key 'K'
then I start editing the selected item and set 'K' instead of 'OLE'...

If you do that :

ValueListView.Selected.Caption := Key;

It doesn't work because it's not the current editing key that is
changed but the edited caption which is behind !

Instead I do that. Here is the code:

ValueListView.Selected.Caption := Key;

BUT here is my problem the caption is selected ! So if the user
continue his first key is deleted.

Question : How can I change the caption while editing ? Or how can I
remove the selection when you start editing an item ?

Any help is welcome !