Error after closing an opengl application


I've recently bought a book on OpenGL in Delphi. When I try to run the
examples of the CD of the book, the following errormessage is displayed
after CLOSING the program:

Project D:\opengl\First.exe faulted with message: 'application defined
exception (code 0xc00000008 at 0x77f9f10'. Process Stopped. Use Step or Run
to continue.

This error only occurs:
- after closing / exiting the application
- when run from Borland's IDE (so the error doesn't occur if the application
is run from windows explorer)

Once the exception error has occured a CPU-window screen appears and shows
80x86 assembly.

Here's some more information:
- OS is Windows 2000
- Delphi 5 Enterprise is being used
- the uses clause is 'opengl'

Can anyone help, it's quite annoying!

Thanks in advance,