Multiple forms vs multiple Group boxes. *HELP*


I've just made an application in which I display several 'screens' by
having the contents of each screen in a GroupBox, and moving setting the
Left property of the Groupboxes so it's either inside the application
window or not.

The problem is that the application takes ages to start and quit,
probably due to the huge amount of resource allocation and
deallocation that has to be done.

I have thought of two possible solutions for this:

1: Using the 'visible' property for the GroupBox. Does this work, or
will the application allocate resources anyway.

2: Placing the Groupboxes in separate forms, and then just 'Show' the
correct screen, having the others closed. This should work, but have
given me some new problems:

* How do I keep the GroupBox window om top of the application window,
while still keeping the application window active? ShowModal desen't do
the trick.

* How do I trap window movements of the application, so I can reposition
the GroupBox window to the correct position on top of the application

Is there any other ways to solve my problem??

BTW: is there any limit to the number of component instances that I can
put in a project??

Any help *Greatly* appreciated.

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