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Wanted: Delphi 1.0 "How-To" Books

I'm learning Borland Delphi using 1.0 on Windows 3.1 (Most of the
machines I am writing for use this OS).

Does anyone have some really lucid books which take you step-by-step
through all the features of Delphi 1.0? Bookstores are full of
Delphi 3 and 4, but I do not have Windows 95.

Suggestions or actual books you are willing to sell welcome!

Phil D'agostino

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Re:Wanted: Delphi 1.0 "How-To" Books

Where I live there is are some "outlet" type bookstores that have out of date
books and such for drastically reduced prices.  I bought one (Delphi Unleashed
for Delphi1) for 3 bucks.
Michael Glatz

Re:Wanted: Delphi 1.0 "How-To" Books

>Suggestions or actual books you are willing to sell welcome!

>Phil D'agostino


Delphi for Dummies is an excellent book.  I would highly recommend it for
its easing you into the understanding of Delphi.


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