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Is this FAST or Can it be FASTER ?

I made a big mistake while writing the recs amount  The real numbers are 70,000 recs for
Cikismal which used in the query and the other is 35,000.

But the problem still remains :))
Sorry Folks

Can Kahyaoglu


Re:Is this FAST or Can it be FASTER ?

Please do not post attachments to these newsgroups as it goes against newsgroup
policies (  The post has been
canceled do to this (I left all the text in this post so you can get help on

AS for your questions.  The second try is faster than the first because the Data
is cached in memory and not needing to be re read from the Disk.  This is the
major slowdown in many operations.

The other thing you need to check will be indexes.  Make sure that your tables
are properly indexed to get the most speed out of the query.  Check to see which
statements are taking the most time by stepping through the code.  Once you find
a query/Locate type of thing that takes the most time then look at how it is
indexed and whether you are using those indexes to their best.

Can Kahyaoglu wrote:

> Hi,

> I am using Delphi 4.03 and BDE 5.01.  (166MMX 32 MB RAM 2.1GB HDD)
> I have to tables one named CIKISMAL contains 70,000,000 recs and other
> GIRISMAL contains 35,000,000 recs. These ara paradox 7 tables.

> So,  I create a query with CIKISMAL. and search fields in GIRISMAL
> according to the records in the query.

> Test 1. Query has 10 recs.
> run the exe and click btn  it took 3secs to complete the work.
> and again just click it and this time it took 0 sec.

> Test2 Query has 423 recs.
> First click 9 secs.
> Second click 6 secs.

> Test3 Query has 4189 recs.
> First click 1:03 secs.
> Second click 56 secs.

> Why does the seconds clicks take less time ? And is this all I can get
> faster ?

> To make myself more clearer I attached the code. And the event start
> with the function called EkranBtnClick and also you can jump directly to
> AYARLAR. procedure

> Thank You ALL Very Much for spending your time on my problem  :))

> Can Kahyaoglu

Jeff Overcash (TeamB)
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