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link fortran to pascal question

Do anyone know if this a utility out there that links fortran code to
turbo pascal?


Re:link fortran to pascal question

FORTRAN compilers usually create standard OBJ files, which can be linked
to TP without any utilities. You should only declare your fortran
routines as external. There are several problems.
1. It is necessary to know that FORTRAN alwais transfere parameters by
reference, so use var in all your declarations, unless your FORTRAN
compiler allows to use PASCAL attribute for procedures. MS FORTRAN 4.0
has it. Syntax:
subroutine MyRoutine(FirstParam, SecondParam) PASCAL
(or alike -- I used FORTRAN quite long ago)
2. Your routines may use some standard routines from FORTRAN library.
PASCAL linker, I fear, will not be able to resolve these references. If
so, try to get required obj. files from the library using lib.exe.
Hope, this will be helpful.
Viatcheslav   <neste...@em.uni-frankfurt,de>
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