Trying to log to NT event log...

Has anyone successfully gotten Delphi to write to an NT event log?  I've got
all the code working fine but I cannot seem to get the Message Table built
properly or linked to the code.  I used MS C++'s MC.EXE and RC.EXE to create
the resource file and linked it in using {$R}.  I can even see my
message table entry both looking at the compiled .EXE and even using
the delphi demo RESEXPLOR.EXE but when I run the program and try to do
a log entry, I constantly get

The description for Event ID ( 150 ) in Source ( eventtest.exe ) could not be
found. It contains the following insertion string(s): .

I set MessageID=150 in the .MC file.

Any ideas here?  It kinda "feels" like Delphi is not including the .RES file
properly in the .EXE.