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QReport help or Tutorials?

I need to add some reporting capability to my application and could not find
any sort of documentation or tutorial in Delphi 4 that indicates exactly how
to create a report.  Just a short paragraph about the QuickReport component.

So I came to this news group thinking I would ask about a help file when I
noticed previous threads complaining about the lack of a help file.

My question is ....   how does anybody figure out how to create reports in
the first place?  I am completely new to report generation and after playing
with dropping reports, details, and such on my form, specifying a dataset,
etc. I can't get any thing to appear.

Where are people getting a basic understanding of how the QuickReports
components interact and how to use them?  Are there any good 3rd party books
out there that give tutorials on how to use QuickReports?


Re:QReport help or Tutorials?

Look at :

W. Dzon

> tutorials on how to use QuickReports?

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