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xBase Client/Server for Delphi 2.0??

Hi there,

is there anybody out there who did speed comparison between Borland BDE,
Apollo and Borland's Interbase-Server?
We started our project with dBase but now we have to do network-support
and need Client/Server because of reducing network-traffic and to avoid
corrupted indexes.
When I tested local, BDE was fastest, then Apollo with FOXPRO and at the
end Interbase (1:1,5:70) (creating Tables, adding/removing records,
Networktest was only performed with BDE and Apollo, Apollo was as fast
as BDE, only seeks were faster performed by BDE. With more applications
running Apollo was better than BDE, but seeks still were slower
Does anybody know an overall performace test for Apollo or are there
even other client/server solutions out there. xBase would be best
choice, because there would only little work to be done. Any
SQL-Solution would cause total project rework which would extremely
raise development costs.
(Data is about 150MB, 100 Tables, 10 main tables between 8000 and
100.000 records each)
Thanx tric


Re:xBase Client/Server for Delphi 2.0??

As my previous experience, Apollo is fast when using it's function
and will perform very fast as compare to bde. But when using the
provided by Apollo in Delphi, it just don't seem any performance gain,
try the function calls.

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