Delphi 4 and Crosstab Queries

I am writing an app for a client in which monthly information will be stored
in an Access database.  I want to provide a view of the data on a Delphi
form similar to a cross-tab query and allow the user to choose the start and
end months for the data.  I know how to do this in Access and can use a
stored procedure to get the appropriate data.  However, I am having trouble
when I try to use the data in Delphi.  Since the values for start and end
months are not fixed, I need to create the fields (columns for the cross-tab
query) at runtime.  Can this be done?

I have done some research and the TDecisionCube or the TDecisionQuery
component may provide the needed functionality.  However, I have the Delphi
Professional version and do not want to pay for the upgrade to C/S because
the client will only have one user getting data from the database.

Any ideas?


Dean Miller