Multiple views to multiple tables (a lot of views to a lot of tables!)

I have a datamodule which contains 12 table components at this moment. This
number will surely increase to about 25 and even more in the future (it's a
very complex database). Each table component also has one datasouce
component. The application which will use this datamodule is also a MDI
application. Each MDI child can have one or more database components which
uses this datamodule.

The problem is as follows: when one of the MDI childs changes the record
position of a table in the datamodule, the database controls of all other
MDI childs are being updated to this new position. I have also tried to
place the datasources on the MDI childs but the problem stays the same.

I know I could create a datamodule for each MDI child but since this will
allocate a lot of file-handles, windows will soon produce errors like "can't
open more than 250 file-handles per task" and I don't want to limit the
number of MDI childs the user can open.

How can I get multiple (independant) views to those tables ?

Marcel Overweel