ODBC/Oracle - hangs on "SQLError"

I'm having trouble using a Personal Oracle Lite database.  I'm using BDE
3.0, with the ODBC driver shipped with Personal Oracle.

Whenever I issue a SQL statement with a syntax error (e.g. "select foo from
bar"), BDE hangs.  If I run SQLMon.exe, it looks as though the BDE got into
an endless loop:

1392    23:02:45  SQL Error: ODBC_POLITE -
1393    23:02:45  SQL Vendor: ODBC - SQLError
1394    23:02:45  SQL Error: ODBC_POLITE -
1395    23:02:45  SQL Vendor: ODBC - SQLError
1396    23:02:45  SQL Error: ODBC_POLITE -
1397    23:02:45  SQL Vendor: ODBC - SQLError

I only have this problem when connecting through BDE; Oracle's ODBC-based
tools work fine (surprise surprise)

Does anyone know how to fix this?