Memory allocation under Win3.11

Grettings all;

resume : can we force windows to allocate memory blocks in the first 16

We have a BP7 DMA-based data acquisition system that runs smoothly under
Win3.11 on a 16 MB system.  We have recently tried to upgrade above 16
MB, but now the I/O boards cannot always send data to the allocated
memory, apparently due to design limitations of the AT-style bus/DMA
support (i.e. hardware limitations).

Is it possible to force windows to hand over memory from a particular
region of physical memory (such as from the first 16 MB)?  If so, any
'pointers' :> as to how to do this would be very much appreciated. An
alternative would be to keep asking for blocks until acceptable memory
was provided (how to know?) but this seems counter-productive.

p. rowntree
Departement de chimie, Universite de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Quebec,