Context sensitive Help - Title appears but lacks window!!


I have produced a help file and mapped the topics using the Microsoft
Help Workshop and used the IDH_ convention as suggested. It works fine
as a stand alone or when called from the program using;  

Application HelpCommand.

However I have problems when I use the F1 key for context sensitive

I have added 10 as the mapping number for the topic IDH_Start (my
getting started help topic) in the help project file. I then put this
in as the Context number for the main project form in Delphi..

At runtime when I press F1 with the form in focus all I get is a
little pop-up with the title of my help topic "getting started" but no
proper help window with the subject topic help that should appear
under the title!

I'm sure it must be something simple I've missed.

Any ideas most appreciated.


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