Q&A DLL - Trig, Calc & Geometry

A few people have written to me with questions about the DLL package that I am
offering for sale. This is to try to answer some of the more frequently asked

Q: Can I use the DLL in a 16-bit or 32-bit environment?
A: The DLL and TPU were developed in a 16-bit environment, and can also be used
in a 32-bit environment.

Q: How large are the files that I will receive?
A: You will receive a .ZIP file containing the following files:
    Readme.TXT       (10K)
    Rdpmath1.TXT    (69K)
    Rdpmath1.HLP   (149K)
    License.TXT       (9K)
    Rdpmath1.TPU   (5K)
    Mathrdp1.DLL    (30K)

Q: What program were the DLL and TPU written using?
A: The DLL and TPU were written and compiled with Borland's Turbo Pascal for
Windows version 1.5.

Q: Is there a list of the exported routines that I can preview before I make
the purchase?
A: If I made the list available, then I would have practically nothing to sell.
The list is one of the NONREDISTRIBUTABLE portions of this package.

Q: Can I purchase the source code?
A: At a price (to be negotiated and paid up front), I can write similar source
code for you, but you can not have the source code for the product that I am
selling. In other words, you WILL have the source code, but the function names
will be different in order to protect my copyrighted material.

Q: Can I use the DLL with programming tools other than Pascal?
A: Yes. A DLL is an executable program that can be used in other programming
environments. Simply follow the instructions with your compiler/editor for
loading DLLs into your applications.

Q:  Are there any restrictions for the use of this software?
A: Yes, there are. The restrictions are listed in the License.TXT file, the
Rdpmath1.HLP file, and the Readme.TXT file. I, the copyright owner and author
of this software, aggressivly search through the internet for violators of my
copyright,  including newsgroups, chatrooms, and numerous warez sites.
Violators of the license agreement will be subject to prosecution under the
law. This software is protected by copyright law, and by several international

Roy D. Pope, Jr.