HELP: TQuery.Locate vs TTable.Locate ?


I need to perform a search on a TQuery dataset (well, acctualy on Titan
TtaQuery, but it is the same with same results). I use Access database
and have about 50,000 records (and have all in the dataset, using
SELECT *). I can't use TTable there, since I need to use SQL queries
as well.

When I try to use the Locate method it is WAY too slow (over 1 minute
when searching for the last records). The Field I try to do the Locate
on is indexed.
I tried to do the same with TTable.Locate and suprisengly, it works
instantly with almost no delay.

What is the difference between how TTable and TQuery Locate works ? Why
TQuery.Locate takes so long ? How can I use Locate in TQuery faster ?
Or is there another way to search TQuery dataset with better results ?

Thanks in advance,

Liram LTD

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