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BDE Error 210D in Windows 2000

A previously well behaved application fails with bde code 210D, shared
memory conflict when run under windows 2000. It runs without problem
under Windows NT 4 or 9x.

The failure occurs when a call is made to DbInit from a c++ Dll. There
are no forms or other vcl components involded in the dll which is pure
c++ and does no user interface.

The application  is written in Delphi but uses a dll written in C++,
both of which call the BDE. The application has been running well,
accessing DBase tables for years.
The BDE config has no SHAREDMEMLOCATION set, and changing that (as
suggested by a previous message here) makes no difference.

Is this a known problem? Is there any way to get around it via
configuration parameters etc? What causes this? What can be done?
Ed Bridge


Re:BDE Error 210D in Windows 2000

Try changing the SharedMemSize to 4096 and the SharedMemLocation to 0x5BDE.
If that does not work try other locations shown in the BDE Administrator
help file.


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