Multi-user access to Paradox tables in Delphi 1.02

I have been having a nagging problem that seem to not want to go away.  I
have been unable to get multi-user functionality to work correctly and
solidly using Delphi 1.02 and BDE 2.52.  My situation is a 3 node
peer-to-peer network with 1 machine running Win NT workstation 4.0 and the
other 2 are running Win95.  The NT box is where all the data resides.

I have followed every TI and tip that I have been able to find on the web
including a $75.00 support call to Borland tech support to get the BDE
configuration correct.  I'm positive that I have the
NetDir/PrivateDir/LocalShare settings correct (see below for more details)
but the problem I'm still experiencing is when one user is using the
application, the other user  will sometimes become "frozen" until the first
user gets out of a particular screen they are working on.  As far as I know
I do not open any table or query with exclusive access, in fact, I make it
a point to open all tables and queries in read-only mode unless I know that
the user might need to change something.

Can someone give me some guidance regarding multi-user access to tables or
queries from a programming point of view.  Again I'm fairly sure I have the
BDE setup correctly.  Here is the particulars:

The WinNT machine is used solely for data repository, no one access the
tables from the machine.
Both Win95 machines have a P: drive mapped to the same sharename on the NT
The tables are stored in P:\TABLES
The executable in stored in P:\
The BDE config on both Win95 machines has the NetDir set to P:\NET\ and
Local Share is set to TRUE.
I programmatically set the Session.NetDir to P:\NET\ as well.
I programmatically set the Session.PrivateDir to C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\
Instead of a BDE alias, I use a TDatabase component to define where the
tables are located.

Any advice/help/sympathy would be greatly appreciated.