Getting Rows Affected when doing an Open

I have a ADOQuery object that I'm using to run a query.  This query could be
an action query or return data.  Not only that but it could be connected to
any one of a wide variety of kinds of databases (SQL Server, Access etc).
The problem is that if an action query is run I want to know the number of
rows affected.  If I could determine if the query was an action query I
could call the ExecSQL method which returns the rows affected.  However, if
we're connected to SQL Server, some stored procedures return data in the
form of a table.  If that's the case then I'd want to call the Open method
to display the data.  If I run an action query using Open, the command will
execute, even though it errors out.  So I can tell what kind it is after I
run the query, but running the query twice is not an option.  There is a
RowsAffected property but that remains 0 when I run an action query this
Anyone? Anyone?

Ron Oskam
PEC Technologies