Delphi 2.0 & Windows NT


I've the following problem:

I recently installed Windows NT 4.0 WS (SP1) and am it using to
develop under Delphi 2.01. The problem is that when I run my project
from Delphi the de{*word*81} stops at certain lines as if there was a
breakpoint, but on that line there isn't a breakpoint at all. So I
guessed it might have to the with Service Pack 1 so I installed
Service Pack 3. But now I have another problem: when I run my program
from inside Delphi, the program just hangs (I traced it down to a
FindClose statement, where it freezes). When I run the program
standalone all works fine. Also when debugging from Windows 95 it also
works fine. So it's only Windows NT4.0 WS with which I have problems.

Please help.