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EDB Engine error--one more time

Had an installation the installed correctly but gave an error of
IDAPI Service Library....easy, change the DLL32 driver to 3532.dll

But the problem comes into play when we cannot open the BDEAdmin.....we
get the following:

Exception 0x00054F92
EDBEngineError exception BDEAdmin.exe
Could not find Object

Also...the entries in the registry are not there.....I guess an error
occured during the installation of the BDE...had them load JUST the BDE
admin in a self install....but still get the same error.

And then we get runtime errors of the following:
Runtime Error 216@0003399A

Does anyone know what is going on....I can't find that much information.

The program and BDE is being loaded to a win 95 machine which is being
used as a server......but I can't see this being a problem.

Thanks in advance,


Re:EDB Engine error--one more time

Try reinstalling from scratch, after deleting the registry entries.  Is
there already a copy of the BDE on the machine?  This can create version

John Pierce

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