Copying Persitant fields from query to query

I have a TQuery (query #1) which with many persistent fields.   (Query ->
Fields editor -> Add fields)

Some fields are calculated fields & others are from the datafile.
(FieldKind: fkData & fkCalc)

I have another query (query #2) that needs to have the exact persistent
fields as the first query (query #1).
The first query is for editing & listing data, the second query is for

I want to be able to copy the personates fields information from query #1 to
query #2 at runtime so they will
display the DisplayLabel that I created for query #1.

I've tried,
//  TargetQry.fieldDefs.clear;
//  TargetQry.fieldDefs.assign(sourceQryl.FieldDefs)
but does not work.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help,  I certainly appreciate it!



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