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Adaptive Server Anywhere 6.0 - Transaction isolation


I seem to have a problem with the transaction isolation on this SQL-Server.
On the Database component I have set the TransIsolation to tiReadCommitted.

What I want to do is reading a value from a table increment it and save this
value back down in the same record - and this must be done absolutely
transaction secure, so that there will NEVER be 2 users getting the same

I have written a select statement thet reads the value and the I increment
it in Delphi and writes it back down in another query like this :

      sql.Add('  '+SequenceTable);
      sql.Add('  '+FieldnameCurrVal+' = :NextVal');
      sql.Add('  '+FieldnameSequence+' = :Sequence and ');
      sql.Add('  '+FieldnameCurrVal +' = :CurrVal ');

so in my update statement I event make sure that I only save it back if the
value did not change. But still I have problems that different users gets
the same value, so I wonder if BDE is at all setting any transaction
isloation level.

Is there someone who has any experince with this, and known how to solve the

Jens Dein
IPOS as, Norway


Re:Adaptive Server Anywhere 6.0 - Transaction isolation

I solved the problem myself. Now I make the update before the select and
that locks the record for other users.

 Jens Dein
 IPOS as, Norway

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