Urgent - Indy HttpClient post not working

is there anyone who can get the HttpClient from Indy version 8009b to post
parameters to a web page?

i am using the standard source code. please post a simple example of
something that works as post information. i tried Doychin's proposal, but
can not get it working. what am i missing?


Doychin Bondzhev wrote in message <3a35c70f_2@dnews>...
>This is the form of the post stream. You can customise it on the base of
>your post parameters.

>The numbers (-----------------------------7cf87224d2020a) can be the same
>every post bet the best will be if you do them autogenereated. One number
>for every post operation.

>If you have more questions please post them on the NG.


>Content-Disposition: form-data; name="field1"

>Content-Disposition: form-data; name="field2"

>Content-Disposition: form-data; name="file1"; filename="test.txt"
>Content-Type: text/plain

>abc 123
>abc 1234
>Content-Disposition: form-data; name="Submit"


>"Jaques Oosthuysen" <jaques.oosthuy...@yellohand.com> wrote in message
>> please help. what am i missing?

>> i am trying to post a single parameter using the standard indy 8009b
>> HTTPClient demo program.

>> the trivial asp script listed below does not display the parameter's

>> when i run the test using the entry form listed below, the asp works.

>> parameters for test
>> URL: http://myserver/PostTest.asp
>> Post Information: PARAM="VALUE"
>> Content-type: text

>> ---- start of PostTestEnter.htm ----
>> <form action='PostTest.asp' method=post>
>> <input name=Param value=value>
>> <input type=submit>
>> </form>
>> ---- end of PostTestEnter.htm ----

>> ---- start of PostTest.asp ----
>> <% Response.write Request.Form("Param") %>
>> ---- end of PostTest.asp ----

>> jaques