Rotate part of an image?

Hello all Delphi experts.
Perhaps this question has been asked before, but then I missed it.

I was wondering if someone could please tell me how I can copy a part
(rectangle) of an image, rotate it 180 degrees and then send it back to
the same place where I found it. Keeping the colors (24-bit) is vital.

I have searched the WWW and in here, but found no valuable answers to my
problem. As you can understand, I'm a novice at these kinds of things,
and would be very happy if someone could provide me with some
information, either if he or she knows about it, or can direct me to
where I can find more information about how to handle images in Delphi.

I could easily understand if more people should need this kind of info,
so please post your message in here; though I don't mind email.

Thanks in advance.

P. Sm?rs, Sweden.

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