Flaky Quick Report Rich Text Component.

Is it just me?
Is iust my machine?

Does anyone else have braindead behaviour with QRRichText components?

Why do my lines get overwritten? Why do one line records not get printed?
Why do I sometimes have a font that must be at least 100pts?

Has anyone used the QRRichText components sucessfully?
Has anyone used the QRCompositeReport sucesfully with headers on the first
Why do some of my Centre Aligned labels get autmagically moved to the

When's the real version coming out? (I use 2.0g/Delphi 2.0 on a P200)..
I load the ParentRichEdit control on the BeforePrint event my Detail Band
I can set the font to a standard size (Arial 12).. does anyone else do
things this way?

Love to hear any other experiences... How much did I pay for this control?
do I line up to get my money back? Have I emailed the support crowd? Yes..
vomited the usual stuff about the next version.. Do I go ahead and code my
by hand or risk waiting?

Duncan Margetts.
Adelaide, South Australia.