Help needed with clearing out child databases

On further review your suggestion does seem to be the fastest and easiest
way to accomplish what I need to do.

I was wondering if perhaps you could shed further light on your answer.

I have a few questions if you could please spare a few moments.

In my application I have two tables Orders and Details (both of which are
Paradox if it matters) which are linked on secondary indexes by a field
called OrderID. I have tried to code what you suggested below and for the
life of me can't as I always get a error to the effect that I am using a

If at all possible can you please shed some light on how this would be done?

"M.H. Avegaart" <> wrote in message

> The following query deletes all records in a detail table that have no
> corresponding record in a master table:

> delete detail.*
> from detail left join master
> on detail.key = master.key
> where master.key is null

> "Daniel Lawrence" <> wrote in message
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> > Hey All,
> > I am working on a Paradox database, and need help to remove the records
> from
> > a child database when the master database is emptied or the record is
> > deleted.

> > The records being deleted are cancelled orders, quotes, invoices, and
> other
> > such transactions. I am easily able to get the record from the master
> table
> > but need to know how to get the sometimes multiple records from the
> > database. any ideas?