Help: Delphi from Token-Ring to Ethernet


I couldn't find a proper newsgroup other than this to post this question...

We have a delphi app which communicates with a database in Informix server
on a remote machine.
Delphi app runs on a machine which is in a token ring network and
communicates over the WAN (56KB line) to an Ethernet-FDDI network in which
the informix server machine resides.  In this scenario, the delphi app times
out with an error 'General SQL error. Error on network connection'.
This happens only in the scenario mentioned above. Same app works fine on
Ethernet - Ethernet and Ethernet - TokenRing scenarios.
Again  this happens only with apps written in Delphi  (Vers. 3 and 4).
In the scenario which it is failing: other apps such as MS Access on the
same m/c can communicate OK from TokenRing - Ethernet. So, it is not the
problem of Informix connection from that machine to the informix server. It
has to do something with the Delphi to Informix commn.. Something to do with
the BDE...
We already opened an incident with Inprise on this for a long time. It is
not resolved yet.

Any help or pointers to this is highly appreciated.




(Srinivas Junnuru)
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