Unknown Internal Operating System Error

We've got a BDE application that uses Paradox tables stored on a Netware
drive which has been working flawlessly for the past year.  Yesterday, on
only one workstation the user now gets an "Unknown internal operating system
error" message.  It will the list the network path to the PDOXUSERS.LCK file
and display "Lock violation".  Searching the knowlege bases tells me that
the BDE is missing components, and while nothing changed on the local
machine in the past couple of days, I completely removed and reinstalled the
BDE and also verified the registry settings against a known, good machine.
I'm sure the BDE is correctly installed on this machine.  Moving the
database files off a Netware drive (to either a local, shared or NT drive)
corrects the error, but this app must run on the Novell server.  I'm
guessing that a change has happened somewhere in Novell, but am out of

Any one else have any thoughts?

Tom Laux