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some correcting question words

there is a big problem about plugin hierarchied projects...

1:Main Project (Exe) has mainform... which calls form in DLL
2:First DLL Project (Dll) has a form..which will called from main

---->loading DLL from main application (hastapplication ). than creating the
form.thats OKAY.
---->in DLL form I wantto learn the applications mainform's name

if both Main Project and DLL building with option <build with runtime
packages>then I Can get the
exe's mainformname.this code is in DLL form...
but if both Main Project and DLL building WITHOUT option <build with runtime
exe's mainformname always nil. and Accessviolation occurs.

I Wantto EMBED form (in DLL) to hostapplications mainform.
but impossible if dll and host application build WITHOUT option <build with
runtime packages>
if this option is checked than all I can do.
DLLForm Embedding,Getting other loaded DLLs properties,HostApplication's
properties ETC.

I dont like to publish BPLs which my project uses.

SO I wantto do standalone Hostapplication's exe and standalone DLLs
without any BPL requirements. plus ;DLLFORMs can be embeeddible in
hostapplication's anyform.

everything ok if build with runtime packages.
but as I say. I dont like to publish 10-15mb bpl.for instance.

All I tried DLL plugin syle or package loading style (bpl).cant do that.

and I think no one have any comment about this.

and I think many people missed this problem.and this is a really big
problem.what I think will never be solved.

any opininon ?


Re:some correcting question words

If you're using a DLL to hold forms (not a BPL), then you need to make sure
the DLL is aware of the application.

When you first load the DLL, you need to call an initialization function and
pass in a pointer to the global Application variable.  This variable must be
set before loading ANY DLL forms, and must be re-set (to the old value)
before unloading the DLL.

I've had a lot of success doing this as the new forms behave just like
embedded forms.  Remember that passing data between these two files must be
done with caution or classes.


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