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Help with Indy http Proxy

Hi, just need to get some help with the proxy settings for the TidHTTP

When attempting to make an outbound connection through a firewall, a user
keeps getting the "HTTP/1.1 407 Proxy Authentication Required".

I am assured the he has entered all the details correctly which are then
populated into the ProxyParams properties. Am I missing anything else that
needs to be set in the component? Basic Authentication is set to false.




Re:Help with Indy http Proxy

Thanks for the help Michael, I'll give that a bash.


"Michael Adamovic" <> wrote in message
> Hi Justin,

> to get proxy authentication to work I had to do the following :

> download and install version 9.00.11

> BASIC-authentication :
>   - always use the OnProxyAuthentication method
>   - change some lines in idHTTP.pas

> NTLM-authentication :
>   - change some lines in idHTTP.pas
>   - set idHTTP.HTTPOptions to [hoInProcessAuth,hoKeepOrigProtocol] (if
> ProtocolVersion = pv1_0)

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