DB/2 and Borland SQL-Links 2.5 Problems

Dear Reader,

we are trying to implement a delphi solution which uses a set of
different dbms (interbase, db2, paradox) from local to client/server
systems. We encountered some strange problems when coming to db/2, which
I like to explain:

We develope with borland delphi 1.0 (16Bit) on a Windows NT 4.0
ServicePack 2 system. We installed the english Version of DB/2 2.1.2 on
the same maschine in a "try&buy" setup. We tried to access DB/2 via ODBC
which works, but we prefer the borland way via SQL-Links 2.5 for 16Bit.
But if we try to connect to DB/2 in this way, we get a GPF in DB2W.DLL
which is a part of the DB/2 client application enabler (CAE). The test
project was quite simple, just an empty form with a TDataBase component
dropped on. The "Alias" property points to the alias specified in
BDE-Config-Utility (Version 2.52), which in turn points to the DB/2
datasource name (DSN). This DSN is the logical name of the DB/2 database
and definied when creating the database in the DB/2 database director.

This is what we do: Just the drop a TDatabase component to an empty form,
set the alias name an try to set the connected-property to "true". Then
the password and userid dialog pops up. Without to take care what we
enter, the GPF occurs.

So, what is our problem. Of course we can use ODBC, but as a
"Borlandteer" we would appriciate using the SQL-Links.

Maybe, there is another Borlandteer out there in the universe who can
give us the ultimate answer...

Thank you,

Lars George

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