New Freeware Paradox/dBase/Interbase... Utility (prints structures)

dbInfo 1.0 is available for use with the 32 bit BDE (Delphi 2.0).  Its
most attractive feature is the ability to print/capture structure &
index information for a single table or for ALL tables in a given
database.  This plus much more.  It picks up where DataBase Desktop
left off, but it is read-only.  This may change with demand.  You may
download it directly from the Delphi Super Page at:

Features include:

-Structure/index printout (w/ preview) - single table
-Structure/index printout (w/ preview) - all tables in a database
-Record printout (w/ preview)
-Double click on memo fields to preview/edit memo contents for
printing (does not save changes)
-From all preview windows, contents may be copied to the clipboard -
good when documenting
-Open table anywhere
-Open via database alias
-Browse tables (read-only)
-  Combo box with all available indexes - allows selection
-  Displays fields or expression (dBase) in the current index
-  Incremental search on indexed field
-Open up to 3 detail-table windows
-  Detail tables are automatically linked to the master table (when
-  For example, open DBDEMOS -> Customer, Orders, Items and Parts in
four windows.
-  -- Navigate Customer.db - you'll see the three other tables
automatically follow!
-Works with Paradox, dBase, Interbase and other server databases

I (the author) have found this utility to be very useful, and I would
like to share it with other Delphi developers.  I hope others will
find it as valuable.

John Crane

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