QReport newbie problem - Problem solved. New problem

Ian Jennings wrote:

> Hi all,

Hi again,

Solved the first one (build up all the values in an in-memory table and
connect to it. It's a bit messy but it works.)

New problem, but a lot simpler I suspect. I can't find anything to match
in the KB or the demos so it must be too easy to bother with. <g>

How can I (in overall terms - what bands, etc) create a summary report?

I have my master report  (Product by Category, etc) and now I need, in a
different report, to just print out the totals, not even 'by Category',
just an overall total for various fields. For example, in the master
report each Product (detail) has a sum of stock delivered for the stock
period. That is then summed for each Category (master). I need to list
*just* the total of the deliveries for the period.

I've been fiddling with bands and datasets but can't get it to work. I
*could* reproduce all the sub-detail (Products) fields, hide them and
then summarise, but it seems so messy and I figure that there *must* be
an easier way.

Again, any assistance gratefully received.


Ian Jennings
Microware Data Services Ltd.

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